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Financial First Responders: VisionFund Mexico

Financial First Responders
March 24, 2020
Financial First Responders: COVID-19 Resources for Financial Inclusion
March 26, 2020
Nino Gonjilashvili

I interviewed Nino Gonjilashvili, CEO of VisionFund Mexico, about what they are doing to serve their clients and protect their staff during the coronavirus crisis.

Some of the decisive action taken by VisionFund Mexico includes:

  • Ramping up sales of their health insurance product
  • Adapting their health insurance product to be able to sell it to the general public
  • Stopping all group meetings
  • Having staff follow up with clients by phone and text
  • Extending office hours at branches to limit crowding
  • Developing alternative ways to receive payments
  • Creating a loan restructuring policy that will allow a grace period of 2-3 months and then a longer repayment period to reduce the size of payments.

Click on the video above to learn more about these actions.

Nino was one of the first to fill out the survey on how financial service providers are responding to the coronavirus crisis. If your organization has not completed the survey, please click on this link to fill it out.

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