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Financial First Responders: COVID-19 Resources for Financial Inclusion

Financial First Responders: VisionFund Mexico
March 24, 2020
A Trusted Source of Life-Saving Information: BRAC in Bangladesh
March 26, 2020

Links to Resources for those Providing Financial Services

Updated 26 April 2020 – A forum of SPTF, CFI and EMP, including an important 3-part series by Daniel Rozas:

COVID-19: A framework for the Microfinance Sector – Paul DiLeo and Ira Lieberman lay out a plan for rescuing the microfinance sector

SPTF’s Guidelines for Treating Staff Responsibly During a Pandemic

The Best Laid Plans – CGAP’s Response to COVID-19

FSD Kenya:

The Role of DFS Agents During the COVID-19 Crisis by Caribou Digital

Finding Hope in a Global Pandemic from Making Cents

Next Billion’s Coronavirus Resources for the Social Impact Sector

ADA COVID-19 Crisis Publications List

How Are People Living in Poverty Dealing with the Early Economic Impacts of COVID-19 by Fundacion Capital

IDB’s Latin American and Caribbean Innovators Map

Test of a Lifetime: COVID-19 and Financial Inclusion Series from the Center for Finacnial Inclusion

Financial Access Initiative Resources on COVID and Microfinance

CARE’s Guidelines for Savings Groups

CGAP’s COVID-19 Discussion Forum

BRACs Coronavirus Resources

SEEP’s Savings Groups and COVID-19

SEEP’s Minimum Economic Recovery Standards Guidance for COVID-19

SEEP’s Minimum Economic Recovery Standards

Rural Bank Association of the Philippine’s Disaster Response Resources

Stuart Rutherford’s Coronavirus Updates (Financial Diaries from Bangladesh)

How Financial Inclusion Can Help in a Pandemic: FSDKenya

BFA Global’s COVID-19 Response Page

ACCION’s COVID-19 Guide for Financial Service Providers

Soul of Finance – Financial First Responder Series

If you have resources you want to add to this list, please send a message to or post a link in the comments section below.

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